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Mrs., on January 15, 2012 at 12:17 PM Posted in Do It Yourself

In michigan our drivers license number always begins with a letter, the first letter of your last name. Mine was F before I got married so I assumed it would change to D after I got married and changed my last name....well it did not change. Is this normal? Anyone know?



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    Allison ·

    Ours is the same way in FL. Its the first letter of your last name followed by a bunch of numbers. When I got married the first time it changed from D to H, and after the divorce it went back to D because I had my name changed back to my maiden name. I wouldn't worry about it as long as your name is correct on the license.

  • June 2019
    Nancy Taussig ·

    Allison, did you know that the 2-digit number in the middle should be the year you were born?

  • VIP June 2012
    Soon to be Mrs R ·

    I live in Michigan and didn't know that. I used to live in New York and moved here almost 7 yrs ago.

  • Super October 2011
    Mrs. ·

    I just assumed the letter would change. I would not have even noticed it except I was filling out an application for a new job and it asked for the number. Yes my name is right on it so I am not worried!

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    Meghan 18 Index 753 Of 2007 ·
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    18 Index 753 Of 2007 You changed your name, but you did not change your record. You are still the same driver- so your number should remain the same.

  • dragonfly726 ·

    I live in MI too! Back when my parents got married in 1977, the first letter in your DL number did change when you changed your name. It doesn't anymore. Mine didn't change, and neither did anyone I know who has gotten married recently. I don't know exactly when they stopped doing it, but it must have been a while ago.

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