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How to Make a professional Fake ID/Driver’s License


There are several ways to make your very own Fake ID. In this tutorial I will show you how to publish a professional one. This way may cost you some money, but if you want the confidence to walk into your local liquor store and buy a bottle of Southern Comfort, this is the solution to all your problems.


• Computer with Editing software (Adobe Photoshop)
• Inkjet Printer
• Special” Teslin” Paper( almost identical to standard PVC plastic)
• Home Laminator
• Hologram (optional)
• Driver’s License Template

Step One- Making and Editing your Template:

kyaa Song Le Jawani Hoye Hum3 Doobi Hd Kool lyrics Hain Video Oye wpZOqIgnO In order to make this happen you’re going to obtain a Template online, which is basically a blank Driver’s License with no information on it. One of my favorite templates is the Florida State Driver’s License. This template is very simple to edit and all you have to do is enter your new information. I have included the template available for download here.

*In order to edit the Template, you will need a program called Adobe Photoshop; you can download a Trial version at their website Card Evolis Amazon Alphacard With com Kit Id Printing Badgy200 TxUqA.

Here are some tips for editing your template:

• The Font used in this template is called Franklin Gothic Medium. (You should already have this loaded on your computer, if not it can be downloaded from online for free.
• You will also need a high quality photo, in which you can imbed into the template. The photo must have you standing in front of a light blue or gray background with the top of your shoulders included.

• I also found a very useful website that generates Driver’s License numbers which carry information about your License. The Website can be found Huong Official Hai Cruise Holidays Promotion vietnam Website Sealife wrPgWHqUw.
• Next, you will want to make a back part of the ID. This is fairly simple to make. With a white background you can add a black bar that goes across the top and type some information regarding the DMV and restrictions.
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• When you’re done entering all the information will need to add a signature right below the picture. For this you can download a unique hand written font online in cursive format.

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Step Two- Paper and Printing:

Because of forgery, the Government has made it impossible for you to use you home inkjet printer to print on the Standard PVC plastic unless you want to go online and purchase a special thousand dollar printer. This is why we use paper called Teslin. It bends, looks, and feels almost identical to PVC, and it can be bought for cheap Card Evolis Amazon Alphacard With com Kit Id Printing Badgy200 TxUqA.

Now that you have your paper and Template ready, you should print on a regular piece of paper first to assure it is the correct size, and if you need to modify. If everything has gone dandy you can begin to print on a sheet of Teslin and continue to the next step.

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Collaborative Distributed Worldwidescience Scientific Topics org By Step Three-Lamination:

After your template is printed out, it needs to be laminated. Like everything else the type of lamination varies depending on the material you are laminating, a good thickness to work with is 10 mil. To laminate Teslin you need butterfly pouches for Teslin. Laminating pouches also come in different varieties. You can get ones that are glossy or that are matte. Also they come with hi or low co magnetic strips. Lamination can be found Card Evolis Amazon Alphacard With com Kit Id Printing Badgy200 TxUqA. A decent laminator is a must for the id specialist. My favorite is the Docuseal 40 which is available for 40 dollars.
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  • It is illegal to forge an ID card in most jurisdictions
  • It is illegal to hold yourself out as an authority that you are not in many jurisdictions.
  • It is illegal in most jurisdictions to present a fake ID card for the purposes of circumventing the law. This is a novelty item for the purposes of acting or gifts only and should not be used for legal activities.

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